Testing DUT03 During the 2002-2003 academic year the team decided to adopt a radically new concept aiming for a super lightweight car. This would be achieved through the use of new production techniques, choosing a lightweight single-cylinder engine and the adaptation of the SE approach which focuses on requirements analysis, the implementation of a weight budget, trade-offs for the selection of materials and production methods and the full redesign of standard automotive parts. This resulted in a revolutionary lightweight car of only 137kg, while the average FS car weighed 225kg.

Due to the fact that this was the first time such a lightweight vehicle was being developed with the use of unproven and untested design and production methods, the car again lacked testing time, which resulted in the car not being able to compete in the dynamic events. However, the judges did not fail to recognise the effort put into the radical design of the car and concept by rewarding the team 1st prize in the prestigious Engineering Design event in a field of over 60 entries.

This year also marked the introduction of the Class 3 team of the Delft University. The Class 3 is a class within the FS competition, in which the entering teams design but do not produce a small formula style racing car according to the same rules as the Class 1 (design, production and racing) team. The Class 3 team of Delft University is seen as a good introduction to the world of FS for mainly first and second year students. The level of effort required during the season is much less than that of Class 1 members. Participation still leads to valuable experience being gained by Class 3 students, who also have access to the progress of the Class 1 team. For the continuation of the team this is important, as often many Class 3 team members become Class 1 members in the following season.



Formula Student UK 2003

medal_gold 2 First place Engineering Design event
medal_gold 2 First place Business Presentation








Wheelbase1550 mm FrontCFRP monocoque KTM 525SX 
Trackwidth front1300 mm RearAluminium / steel spaceframeNumber of cylinders1
Trackwidth rear1250 mm    Maximum power60 bhp
Weight135 kg    Maximum torque50 Nm
      Carbon fibre driveshafts 




Electronic shifting system  CFRPWishbones   
Motec M4 ECU  CFRPPullrods   



Production and Assembly