DUT12 Team Picture The DUT12 is the second electric car of the DUT Racing team. The biggest difference compared to the DUT11 is the four-wheel-drive system introduced this year. This makes it possible to use the brake energy from all wheels to power the motors which results in an even higher efficiency. In the DUT12 the batteries are no longer placed behind the driver, but on both sides alongside the driver for better handling. Also a new method is used to produce the monocoque, namely prepregs. This method ensures that the resin is properly distributed between the fibres which will save weight with respect to last year.







Formula Student UK 2012

trophy_silver  Second place Overall (best electric car)
medal_gold 2  First place Engineering Design Event
medal_gold 2  First place Energy Efficiency
medal_bronze 2  Third place Acceleration
award_star_gold 2  Airbus Lightweight Vehicle Award
award_star_gold 2  Jaguar/Land Rover Innovation Award
award_star_gold 2  AMG Best HV Powertrain Award

Formula Student Germany 2012

trophy_gold  FS Electric Champion
medal_gold 2  First place Engineering Design Event
medal_gold 2  First place Cost Event
medal_gold 2  First place Acceleration
medal_silver 2  Second place Endurance
medal_silver 2  Second place Autocross
medal_silver 2  Second place Efficiency
medal_bronze 2  Third place Skidpad
award_star_gold 2  Audi Best Lightweight Concept
award_star_gold 2  BASF Best use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics
award_star_silver 2  Second place Bosch Best Power System
award_star_silver 2  Second place Daimler Best E-Drive packaging








Wheelbase1530 mm MonocoqueCFRP – Carbon Fibre Prepregs AMK DT5-12-104x
Trackwidth1200 mm CrashnoseAluminium honeycomb Weight3.7 kg/motor
Acceleration (0-100 km/h)2.13 s JackingbarOrange and most awesome Maximum power24 KW/motor
Top speed130 km/h    Maximum torque21 Nm/motor
Weight147 kg    Battery Pack Capacity4.2 kWh
      Battery Voltage600 Volts




Data acquisitionSelf designed FrontPush rod actuated   
Electronic Control UnitSelf designed RearPull rod actuated   
12V BatteryLiPo TyresHoosier 18.0 6.0-10 LC0   



Guinness World Record


Production and Assembly