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Friday 13th of June: DUT14 Roll-Out

DUT14 Roll-Out The DUT14 is ready, has made its first meters, and is waiting impatiently to be unveiled to the world. We can’t tell you much yet, but what we can give away: the DUT14 drives like a dream, according to Tim de Moree, Team Manager and veteran driver at the team.

The DUT14 will be unveiled at the Markt in Delft at 15:00, and you are more than welcome to attend. The Facebook event can be found here.

See you there!

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EWI Blogpost 4: Arman Nassiri

BMS Master of the DUT14 Last time I wrote about my design of the Battery Management System of the DUT14. Waiting for the production and assembly was very nerve wrecking. I was very curious if all high voltage circuits would work. Luckily, all essential systems worked. In one of the optional systems, an addition of a resistor was enough to get it working. I have learned a lot from designing the BMS hardware. Not only engineering wise. In the past, teams were very sceptic of a self-designed BMS. Keywords were “complex, difficult”, “dangerous, 600 Volts”, “industry secret, patented”. This had made the completion of a working BMS even sweeter! This is the greatest thing I’ve learned in the Delft engineering team. To always think further and dare to do!

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April/May 2014 Newsletter

We’re slightly late, sorry about that, but here it is: the April/May 2014 newsletter! We’re covering the second half of the monocoque production, along with an article on upright and accumulator production. Things are closing down for the DUT14 roll-out on the 13th of June here in Delft, we’ll keep you posted as we go along! You can find the PDF-version here.

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DUT14 February Newsletter

How are things going in the team? You can find out in this month’s newsletter. In this edition we also feature one of our sponsors, FLIR Systems, and how they help us make our design come true. Enjoy reading! If you have trouble accessing the ISSUU link, you can find the plain PDF here.

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New Team Transportation

VW Transporter Krijgen Last Thursday, we got a new addition to the DUT Racing fleet! Though it will not be participating in the competitions obviously, it will serve us mostly for testing days, events and transportation of the team and the DUT14 in general.

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Newsletter January 2014

Our latest newsletter has just been released! The newsletter will be covering a brief team update, an in-depth review of the design (philosophy) of the all-new DUT14, finishing off with some nice events. Just click the image below to open it!


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The World Record is official!

DUT12 World Record certIt’s official! The DUT12 is the fastest accelerating electric car in the world in the 0-100 km/h bracket. We got the certificate in the mail just a few days ago and now it’s proudly added tot the DUT12 poster in our room, to inspire generations of DUT engineers to come! A huge thanks to everyone that made this happen! Press read more to see the epic footage of that day.

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(Almost) Officially World Record Holders!

Its been a while since the DUT12 broke the world record for acceleration of an electric car. With a recorded 2.13 seconds to reach 100 km/h, we approached the Guiness World Book of Records with our data. A few weeks ago, the data was sent, and we’re even told we might make the soonest edition of the World Book of Records! We’re keeping our fingers crossed, and we’ll be sure to keep our readers up to date with the latest news. To be really on top of every update, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter (a new edition will be sent out soon enough!).

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Many thanks to all our supporters for the wonderful year!

After the most intense summer DUT Racing has ever had, with competitions not only in Silverstone and Hockenheim but also in Spielberg, the 2013 year has really come to an end. Not, so to speak, a usual ending, but a finish with a blow!

We are at Valkenburg, Friday September 20th, where the DUT13 team officially hands over the reins to the DUT14 core-team, on our annual sponsor thanking day. A day intended to thank our business sponsors; giving them the opportunity to network and update them on our final results of the year. However, this year, we prepared a special surprise.

For those who missed out: at the end of the DUT12 year, there was a special demonstration for our sponsors, showing them not only the power of our last car, but also the majesty of traction control. Its magnificence was especially stressed by implementing a donut button on the car. A marking experience, to say the least.

With that in mind, Valkenburg had more in store for our attendants today. The DUT13 team joined forces with the DUT12, and organised a sponsor day that will long be remembered. On one side, the (Austrian) business presentation winner Lennert van den Boom provided the sponsors with an beautiful presentation. Additionally, the DUT13 team amazed our business sponsors with a grand, dynamic demonstration of the DUT13 car, and lots of pictures and film material to use for their own media purposes. Lastly, in a grande finale, the DUT12 was ready to race on the airfield tarmac to, once and for all, show its capability in acceleration. The DUT12 was there to break the Guinness World Record fastest 0-100 km/h accelerating electric car.

Why would the DUT12 break the record? The FSAE competition changes rules every year and in the DUT12 year, efficiency rules were much more important in our design goals than in the DUT13 year. The DUT12 design is much more based on lightweight and short acceleration performance than the DUT13, which is built focussing much more on endurance racing. To ensure the fastest time would be attained, runs with both the DUT12 and with the DUT13 were performed.

As of yet, it is uncertain whether we may say that we hold the record, Guinness still has to approve, but the future seems bright. The thanking day, in combination with the World Record attempt, was a finish with a bang. On a final and important note, we would like to thank all our supporters for another year of electric (or should we say electrifying?) racing. Be prepared for DUT14!

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New Press Release: World Record Attempt Acceleration

Check out our new press release concerning the World Record Attempt here.

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